lainey lovell photography

Capturing Your Moments


Ever since I was small I have had a true love and passion for art and creativity, when I found myself in a dead career that didn't speak to my heart I followed what I knew would be something that would drive and push me. Ever since i picked up a camera I knew photography was something I was meant to do. So I went and studied a Foundation Degree and began my dream job. Every job is exciting and I am so passionate about what I do it reflects in the images I shoot. There is nothing more precious than handing over images to my clients that I know they will love and can keep forever. My style is relaxed and fun, I get up and close within the moments with you, giving you a different perspective of your day and documenting it in a beautiful creative flare with the skills I have built up from working in the industry now for 6 years.

“Essentially what photography is, is life lit up.”





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